Toolkits that simplify our World of Work

​We know that creating a healthy, connected, and safe working environment is of paramount importance. However, with so much complexity, it’s often hard to know where to start and which tactics to deploy.

Leaders have a collective responsibility to deal with complexity. However, the guardianship often falls to organisational effectiveness and HR experts. These individuals face an enormous burden within new, emerging and established business systems. They often have to act as change agents, cultural stewards, strategy architects and much more.

To make things easier, we apply simplification rules that help overcome much of the complexity and help build cohesion, alignment and an inclusive workplace. 

Our toolkits’ also successfully combine several high-value practices, ensuring that the critical dimensions of organisational health can be self-diagnosed and measured.

For those leaders seeking clarity and the ability to strengthen internal capabilities, these toolkits allow them to deliver exceptional results faster with integrity.

Organisational Health Scan – Your World of Work Toolkit


Perhaps now more than ever, we all understand the paramount importance of staying safe and healthy. As humans, these basic needs are an integral part of our survival instinct. The parallels to how we thrive as a collective with our workplace and planet are the same. Companies creating a healthy and safe system that can grow and thrive often look to organisational effectiveness experts.

However, the market challenges we all face are well documented. Achieving high-performance systems are becoming more, not less, complex. Tackling these complicated issues is just not easy. 

Trust Canvas™ Toolkit

When it comes to creating a healthy environment, we know that Trust plays an enormous role. Whilst a significant amount of money and time is spent on satisfaction surveys, our view is that there is a more powerful way to cut through the complexity and deliver higher impact insights and enhance engagement.

Our Trust Canvas™ and Toolkit provides a structure that allows organisations to explore the depth and breadth of Trust within teams and across the enterprise.

Persona Scan™ Toolkit

Understanding if your company has a counter-productive climate to diversity and inclusion is one of the most significant business challenges today. Yes, you can diversify by hitting targets, but genuine inclusivity will never happen unless people feel listened to and valued.

Creating real change must come from behaviours, not just initiatives. Unfortunately, many organisations still focus on policy and processes, which doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.

Our Company Persona Scan allows leaders to explore workplace behaviours and the extent to which workers experience positive, neutral or negative behaviours.  

Lego Serious Play – Custom Sessions

As accredited Lego Serious Play facilitators, we custom design and deliver sessions to solve business issues and overcome barriers that prevent success.

For those familiar LSP, the technique creates highly engaging ways for teams to solve business issues and overcome barriers which prevent success. Through learning, exploration, imagination and story-telling, there is the opportunity to unlock potential and work through even the most complicated business challenges.

Using our World of Work Canvas™ we develop custom session for sessions for leaders and teams.

    Bespoke Toolkit Development

    As leaders and practitioners plan their transformation needs and develop the necessary internal competence, we are open to bringing the depth and breadth of our expertise to creating customised “how to” tool kits.

    We have the expertise, know-how and established production partnerships that allow us to design and bring to life high impact toolsets that power growth, renewal and innovation.

    We use our 4-step process to develop a clear understanding and the parameters of your unique requirements for  engagement where speed to value is considered to be a necessary core-competency.


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