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“It’s so uplifting when the people we help tell us repeatedly how impactful their experiences have been. It makes me smile as I say – welcome to the “Confidence Club” – you’re going to love it!”
– Susan De Fazio



Simplifying complexity &
cultivating curiosity


Skillfully managing risk, opportunity
& improving decision quality


Correlating critical 
work, workforce
& workplace insights 


Consciously raising
competency &
collective capabilities

We help leaders, practitioners & individuals build a pathway to rewarding outcomes.

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We know solving complex issues requires serious effort; however, using the Lego® Serious Play Method ®, we help teams unlock the power of work-play, improve engagement, and ignite better outcomes.



We elevate and ease your learning journey by combining leading practices, videos, thinking tools and quizzes that help simplify complexity and increase your personal power and business confidence. 



We lead development programmes for leaders and HR professionals focused on accelerating business results through strategic human capital practices that fuel high-performing outcomes.



We identify market gaps and formulate masterclasses which help leaders
and practitioners elevate their performance, enrich engagement, and increase their confidence to lead. 



We combine pioneering and leading practices, the science of simplification, human design, value communication and craft tools that help us gain control, making our work lives easier, more fulfilling and empowering confidence. 



We work with individuals and teams on their unique challenges and opportunities, accelerating and improving how to generate value and confidence for themselves and others.



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I was thrilled to be part of the beta testing group for the 90-Day Toolkit.

Having started a new senior role which is remote, I didn't have the benefit of meeting people face to face and building those relationships in person which would be my preference. The toolkit encourages you to consider all elements of a situation and of relationships. It was invaluable to open my mind to different approaches. The toolkit sits on my desk constantly, a year into the role I still reference it constantly.”

VP of Talent Acquisition, International Region – DocuSign

Working with Susan has been a very rewarding experience for me. Susan offers a superb combination of someone who is an excellent facilitator, a subject matter expert as well as possessing the strength of being an HR practitioner. Her in-depth knowledge of strategic workforce planning and ability to deliver real value through implementation ensures she delivers robust solutions for her clients.

My team and I spent a lot of time interacting with Susan when I was the Global Head for Talent Acquisition at Standard Life. I found her to be detail-focused in all her work as well as extremely personable. Her warm and pleasant manner put people at ease and created a safe space for open and honest communication.

Shona McKenzie

HR Director Talent Acquisition, The Weir Group PLC

Thank you for 2 of the most valuable days of my career so far. What I’ve learned will transform the way I operate. I only wish I’d had this experience 10 years earlier. It would have saved me so much time and heartache!”

Participant, Strategic Workforce Planning Certification Course

Senior HR Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Company, UK .

I could not be happier! It has been a pleasure working with you. I was/am really impressed with your professionalism, dedication and passion for SWP and the course. Your input as an subject matter expert and course facilitator has been great and believe you delivered a really useful course for the attendees (as reflected in their feedback) The level of interaction between us before and after the course has been just right. I was confident throughout that you would provide the best possible outcome for the attendees, and welcomed your openness to tailoring/adapting to ensure the content was well received. Your can do attitude to the payment side of things was also greatly appreciate. thank you.

Katherine Soole

EU Exit Implementation Unit, The Cabinet Office, UK Government

Our group found the workshop very valuable. One in particular was able to uncover a pattern of behaviour that had been holding them back for achieving their goals , but something they were not consciously aware of beforehand. Another member of our group had a big realisation with regards to focusing on smaller goals that will help achieve future aspirations, instead of focusing on the very large goal.

As a group we left the workshop feeling, inspired and positive about the next steps we would want to take towards creating our futures.

Claire Baker, Lego Serious Play Workshop

Launch Lab Mentor, Every One Every Day

Just to say thanks a million 🙂


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Susi is incredible! She has been quite clear in her approach and was successful in helping every member of the team learn several new and useful techniques and positive about the next steps.

Laura W Rexford

Senior Director, Value Engineering, Skillsoft, USA

Really engaging, kept the room interested. The right length of time devoted to each subject and tailored to our business context.
Logical structure throughout the model. Good mix of case studies, exercises and videos etc.
Susan was a really great instructor who was able to translate using good practical examples.
Fairly impressive – good in-depth coverage of HCI model I can use in house. Good progression through the model.
Very friendly, informed delivery style.

Group Participants, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

This course gave me a number of practical tools and examples of how to use them and was very clearly taught.
The pace of the course worked well. Good use of media and interactions to bring SWP to life.
Manageable division of content into SWP activities. The right balance between teaching and group discussion. Lots of personal insights from Susan. Adequate course materials.

Group Participants, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Gave me really great insight into SWP, the tools, techniques I would need to consider successful implementation.
Very in-depth and relevant to my dept.


Group Participants, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

This exercise helped me share my workplace experiences, some of which I would have struggled to articulate. It was straightforward and gave me a powerful emotional release. Above all, the exercise’s design reassured me that my feedback was anonymous; therefore, it removed my fear of being entirely candid.

Group Participant

Company Persona Trial Group, February 2020, London

My first interaction with Susan was approximately five years ago when I attended a Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) workshop facilitated by Susan, after which she soon became my mentor and coach and supported me in relaunching SWP at Cigna Healthcare.

In the years we have continued to work together, I have found Susan to be a phenomenal teacher who is always willing to learn, trying to understand my organisation’s needs and helping me put the theory into action. She has always been very pragmatic and working with her has allowed me to break a complex subject such as SWP into relevant and meaningful chunks.

Her caring and engaged demeanour makes working with her a very authentic experience. I find her an extremely insightful business partner who feels as passionately about the world of work and my business outcomes as I do.’

Lynne Scott

Principal, Value Engineering, Skillsoft, UK

Thank you for facilitating the SWP training for our team. Your effective communication skills, energy and passion for SWP was OUTSTANDING, and greatly appreciated by all participants.The entire process with HCI from cradle to grave was OUTSTANDING and second to none.

Mike Beando

Director Human Resources, US Army, Ansbach, Germany

I liked the informal atmosphere – very conducive to learning. A good discussion generated an exploration of topics. Requirement driven by delegate needs. Susan communicated very clearly and was a pleasure to listen to. She was engaging ad clearly an expert in SWP. She used lots of practical examples proving she’s not just a consultant but a practitioner too.
Interactive, lots of positive discussion and collaboration. Practically shared – clear how content related to real-life situations.
Helpful toolkits, step approach, case studies
Really helpful – lots of practical tools I can take back.

Group Participants Feedback, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

I have had some great workplace experiences; however, I’ve also had ones that went from being mildly troublesome to deeply unpleasant.

The trouble with employee satisfaction surveys is that we all know they are never anonymous. Raising difficult issues is a political minefield and can undoubtedly be career limiting. I know this without a shadow of uncertainty.

Experiencing the Trust Canvas and working through an easy and short exercise was such a revelation. It gave me a safe voice that I wish could be available to all. Thank you!!


Group Participant

Trust Canvas Workshop, February 2020, London

“Susi’s passion and enthusiasm for Strategic Workforce Planning was evident from our first meeting. Susi took the time to understand my previous skills and knowledge which led to a truly outstanding developmental experience.

Susi immersed me in SWP, and her deep specialism really challenged my thinking and supported me in making pragmatic linkages. The uniqueness of Susi is her ability to bring SWP to life through her insights, having partnered with many diverse organizations in different cultures.”

Carole Lamond FCIPD, MAC

HR Business Partner, Scotland

The case studies were good and videos. Hearing how is more practical than what.
Lots of tools, thought-provoking content. Ability to consider concepts in our own context.
The comprehensiveness i.e. going through the whole SWP cycle.
The visuals were very good. The instructor made it relatable and was easy to listen to. The group interaction made it interesting.
Very interactive and could use of business so brought to life.

Group Participants Feedback, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Someone who just attended your training in London shared with me the quality of your training and views around Strategic Workforce Planning and I insisted on getting your name so I could reach out.

For context, often when I work with a company, the scope of work that I work on exposes the need for strategic workforce planning - I think it's a key undervalued work effort that doesn't have a true owner - yes, most of the time HR owns it but doesn't often wear the 3–5-year strategy hat - they tend to focus on the execution because 'some issue around budget, profitability, etc... has arisen.

Thank you for the work you do - my former employee had this to say, " she said exactly what you've been saying for years and the quality of her instruction across a diverse group was far better than any training I've ever attended"

Thank you for creating this feeling in someone who is very talented herself and will go far surrounded by the right leaders.

Principal - Aristia Consulting, California, USA

Having attended a masterclass with Susan, I benefited from ingesting the course material in a constructive style where modules related topics were discussed as they occurred. Susan readily flexed her attention depending on those topics which were of specific interest or complexity for me.

The simplicity of the framework and toolkit make them both practical in application but also useful in terms of understanding the numerous dynamic influences at play for building resilience.

Thanks again for taking the time to coach me through the course and I look forward to staying in touch.

Workforce Enablement - Strategy & Transformation Lead, Nat West Bank

Susan clearly has lots of experience in the industry. I’d like to see and hear more of the real-life perspective as it was really interesting and helpful.


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Very enjoyable with Susan.


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Good course!


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

More movement around the classroom (I know the classroom was small)


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

Susan was very authentic and engaging.


Group Participant, SWP Certification Course

HR Leaders, Central Government Departments, London UK

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