Trust Canvas™ Toolkit

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When it comes to creating a healthy environment, we know that Trust plays an enormous role. Whilst a significant amount of money and time is spent on satisfaction surveys, our vision is that there is a more powerful way to cut through the complexity, deliver higher impact insights, and enhance engagement.

Our Trust Canvas™ and Toolkit provides a structure that allows organisations to explore the depth and breadth of Trust within teams and across the enterprise.

This toolkit has been designed for face-to-face delivery to ensure the head, heart, and hands-on decision-making yields deep insights. The facilitation style and guidance makes sure that participants can rate their trust experiences anonymously.

This diagnostic’s outputs create the foundation for investigating real barriers and determining how to strengthen faith and confidence in the workplace.


I have had some great workplace experiences; however, I’ve also had ones that went from being mildly troublesome to deeply unpleasant.

The trouble with employee satisfaction surveys is that we all know they are never anonymous. Raising difficult issues is a political minefield and can undoubtedly be career limiting. I know this without a shadow of uncertainty.

Experiencing the Trust Canvas and working through an easy and short exercise was such a revelation. It gave me a safe voice that I wish could be available to all. Thank you!!

Group Participant, London - February 2020


 Thank you for facilitating the SWP training for our team.  Your effective communication skills, energy and passion for SWP was OUTSTANDING, and greatly appreciated by all participants.The entire process with HCI from cradle to grave was OUTSTANDING and second to none.

Mike Beando, Director Human Resources, US Army, Ansbach, Germany

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