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World of Work Toolkit™️

Perhaps now more than ever, we all understand the paramount importance of staying safe and healthy. As humans, these basic needs are an integral part of our survival instinct. The parallels to collectively thriving with our workplace and planet are the same.

For companies committed to creating healthy, safe systems that can grow and thrive, the responsibility often falls to organisational effectiveness experts. However, the market challenges we all face are well-documented. Achieving high-performance systems is becoming more, not less, complex. Tackling these complicated issues is just not easy.

So what makes up a high-performing and healthy system? How can you effectively scan that system to identify risks, blockages and opportunities? These are just some critical questions that are challenging to navigate and answer objectively. Moreover, visualising operating health in a dashboard often eludes executives and the C-Suite, causing pain, frustration and duplication of effort.

At Be Future Ready Today, we have taken on the significant challenge of synthesising leading practices and the experience of outliers to identify the characteristics of high performance and organisational health. Our World of Work Canvas™ and Toolkit allows companies to;

  • Diagnose where there are risks and increase the speed of health
  • Prepare for disruptive events
  • Select which capabilities require strengthening
  • Identify pivoting, pace and expertise requirements
  • Identify any specialist capability needs
  • Prioritise and identify investments
  • Distinguish between false and manufactured urgency
  • Create a complete ongoing blueprint for organisational health

Making it easier to identify blind spots and break down complex and interconnected issues is our passion. We understand the complexities associated with our World of Work and know that ignoring them or jumping to misunderstood and misplaced tactics are not the answers.

We help you improve the quality of your decision-making using the rules of simplification, science, leading practices and differentiation as our cornerstones. By creating a fully self-enabling experience with the right tools, you can confidently empower internal capabilities for controlling today and steering towards the future.


World of Work Magnetic Canvas™ + Toolkit  – £35,570

Virtual Orientation, 2.5 hour Session + WoW Magnetic Canvas™ + Toolkit – £38,570

To secure your Organisational Health Scan – World of Work Canvas™ and Toolkit, we kindly request a deposit of £3,000. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable and will ensure your reservation.

The remaining balance is invoiced and will include delivery charges and any local taxes applicable based on confirmation of despatch details. Upon receipt of full and final payment, your priority position is secured in our production cycle.

Despatch Timescales – upon full and final payment, your World of Work Magnetic Canvas™ and Toolkit will be ready for despatch within 15 working days.

Enhanced Insights and Reporting – £7,950 this service is available on request. Please see below for more details. 



World of Work Canvas™ – a physical magnetic board (1800x1200mm), with or without a rolling stand, covers all organisational health dimensions, enabling the current state’s capture in real-time.

Diagnostic Questions & Definitions  – One set aligns to each dimension of your World of Work and has a total of 166 sort cards. These diagnostic sort cards explore the current state’s ethos and habits set against a baseline of achieving a healthy triple bottom line.

Diagnostic Style – the design uses appreciative inquiry to promote a philosophy of strengths based improvement for groups to assess their business.

Magnetic Tiles – each diagnostic question has a corresponding magnetic tile that snaps onto the magnetic World of Work Canvas™, enabling groups to capture the diagnostic process as they progress visually.

Rating Foils – sets of adhesive and transparent red, yellow and green foils for using to rate current state and place over each diagnostic question. Enabling a visual capture for organisational health across each dimension within your World of Work.   

Magnetic Priority Pins -a set of 10 chrome pieces are used as part of the priority setting process and signify which gaps require the most immediate discussion and attention. These snap onto the magnetic question tile on your World of Work Canvas™ and are moved around to identify which areas may present the most risk and opportunity.

Priority Ranking Magnets – a set of black discs numbered 1-10 designed to snap onto the top of the chrome priority pins and create a visual capture for the priority sequencing  and closure of gaps.

Facilitation Aids

  • Quick start guide includes direction on – Communication, Group Selection, Session Structure, Thinking Styles, Time Frames, Session and Group Preparation and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Delivery guide includes details of your World of Work Canvas™, design integrity and the high value practices used to inform the diagnostic and definition process, a decision framework to support priority setting and World of Work terms and definitions.

Session(s) Delivery – suitable for in-person and/or virtual sessions providing participants have their own set of diagnostic sort cards to handle and review.  

*Additional sets of the Diagnostic Sort Cards, Rating Foils and Priority Pins and Ranking Magnets are available on request and priced  separately.  


We recommend that individuals who carry out the facilitation be skilled in action learning and can encourage an environment of open-mindedness, active-listening, exploration of current thinking and concepts that may be unfamiliar to the working group. 

The group should consist of individuals who are open to working across multiple value sets and have a blend of knowledge and expertise in the following disciplines;

  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Organisational Design, Development and Effectiveness
  • Psychological Safety
  • Systems Thinking 
  • Service Design
  • Strategy Architecture
  • Change Navigation

The diagnostic design will challenge perspectives and perceived wisdom. Therefore, the facilitators’ role is to bring together group thinking and action harmoniously. Participants may remain the same for the entire diagnostic process or introduce others depending on context and availability of specific expertise. 


Covering the Essentials – circa 2-3 hours for each World of Work dimension depending on group size


Team Consensus – facilitated capture

Dashboard  – self-generated

Progress Refresh – self-generated

Enhanced – for those who want an additional layer of organisational insights, we provide the means for digitally capturing the diagnostic findings across all elements of your World of Work.

These insights reveal the extent to which the organisation has;

  • An orientation for learning
  • Critical and creative thinking capabilities 
  • Practices for enabling a high-performance system
  • Prepared for disruptive events
  • A propensity for psychological safety

This enhanced reporting, with a summary of recommendations, is an additional service. Please see our pricing.  



Establishing a Baseline – anytime

Strategic Planning Cycle – contextual

Investment & Budgeting Cycle – event-driven

Priority Setting – contextual, criticality, commitment


If you are required to justify the expenditure, several available research sources provide reliable and rigorous organisational health insights. 

In their 2020 Talent Pulse Report, The Human Capital Institute (HCI) studied the qualities that makeup High Performing Systems (HPOs). HCI explored high performing characteristics using qualitative and quantitative inputs across fourteen business and talent outcomes drilling down on the practices generating higher returns. 

The research found that HPOs are three times more likely to make Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) a priority, ensuring both the strategy and environmental factors are explicitly aligned to desired outcomes. Consequently, this increased the ability to be more agile and confident about their short-to longer-term planning cycles. The scoring revealed that those HPOs in the top 25% were representative across industry sectors, headcount and annual revenueMcKinsey have been studying and reporting findings using their Organisational Health Index (OHI). The data, which spans 15 years, demonstrates that the returns are clear and significant. The clustering of data examines a company’s

  • Capacity for Renewal
  • Quality of Execution
  • Internal Alignment 

With improvements of between 59% – 73% EBITDA and 21% yearly growth rate, the facts back up the intuitive understanding we all have about the power of good health. They found healthy companies in the top 25% achieve three times the average of the bottom 25%.

Most organisations have established business case formats and formulas. We recommend that the organisation carefully considers functional and financial factors; however, it must not neglect emotional and intuitive advantages. With a brand reputation built on many internal and external stakeholders’ perception, organisations that fail to act will become less attractive, relevant and competitive in today’s dynamic World of Work.

However, many organisations don’t have the time or deep pockets for large consulting projects. It is why we have designed the first fully integrated and comprehensive approach to diagnosing organisational health – making it easier and quicker to properly understand how healthy your organisation is and where the real urgency lies.

As a first step towards understanding your unique context, you can complete our free Organisational Health Needs Checklist. It is quick and straightforward and you will receive a report detailing the impact of the areas you identify. The information will also include details of additional issues that commonly impact an organisations ability to be healthy. 

Market Analysis

The vision for what we do at Be Future Ready Today came from a desire to create ways in which leaders and teams could find it easier to gain more control today and feel confident about the future.

Having spent years leading and coaching others to develop buoyancy and deliver growth, we know that operating within our World of Work is fraught with challenges. Complexity is increasing, as is the personal stress and strain we all feel trying to deliver exceptional results. We’ve seen far too many times that making meaningful change falters, fails and causes deep frustration.

The cost of failure is far too great. Materially to the organisation’s integrity and performance. But also emotionally to all those who invest so much of themselves and, by association, their family lives.


With so much complexity, how then could we make a difference that stands the test of time? Our starting point focused on empowering others to feel comfortable and confident about creating truly healthy businesses. We know that even when experts help with problem-solving, there is still a profound absence of empowering ‘the how’. Making things stick and shifting performance to a different level. So we had our hypothesis.

Despite experiencing this first-hand, we carried out a sector-wide analysis. We scanned the market, looking at the types of support available for creating and building organisational health. The results confirmed our hypothesis. No other organisation has a fully integrated approach to empowering internal competence — the how-to for building and sustaining organisational health is missing.

The word cloud was generated by sampling the language used by organisations, large, medium and small. The cloud automatically enlarges each word the number of occasions companies use them in their vocabulary to promote services—the critical description of how is absent.

Despite all the difficulties in our World of Work, we firmly believe that there is an opportunity to help people feel energised and not overwhelmed. And an even more incredible opportunity to build on their expertise whilst revealing ways to refresh thinking and let go of assumptions in ways that don’t feel threatening. By carefully managing the discomfort of doubt, we can invigorate and build internal wisdom.

We have carefully brought together many high-value practices that allow others to gain more control today and feel confident about the future —all with the intent of producing exceptional results with integrity.

For us, it stands the test of reason – if our workplaces are healthy, then the lives of those they touch are benefited significantly.

Design Integrity – rigorous yet simple

Knowing where to start and selecting the right questions to ask are often the biggest obstacles to enhancing organisational effectiveness. 

Practitioners can be blinded by their area of expertise or grapple with barriers like silos, mindsets, knowing where and how to create the most value. Consequently, figuring out the composition of a healthy system challenging to do and diagnose. 

Our response has been to design a practical approach that overcomes these challenges and creates a powerful means for enabling cohesion.

We have taken our applied expertise in the principles of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), organisational effectiveness, design and development, physiological safety, together with calibrating insights from global thought leaders, real-life case-studies and research from The Human Capital Institute.

Find out more.

Sources; The Human Capital Institute, Boudreau, Huselid, Beatty, Ramstad, Ulrich, HBR, Berne Brown, Dr H Turnbull, M.G Brown, J.C Larreche, INSEAD, Be Future Ready Today, PWC. J Bersin, Boid, B Anndreatta, R Farrow, J Kanntor, M Twohey, J Fitz-Enz, P Cichoki.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any further toolkits that build upon Your World of Work?

Yes, so far we have developed two further toolkits that support Diversity & Inclusion and Psychological Safety. These are our Company Persona and Trust Toolkits. In addition, we plan to develop a range of toolkits that simplify more of the complexities we face on a regular basis. We welcome any interest and suggestions.

Can we add or alter the diagnostic questions?

 No. The diagnostic integrity represent the output of years of research and specialist expertise. They have been designed to generate the most critical aspects of effectively operating in our World of Work. We are however open to suggestions for future revisions. 

I need to replace or add items within my Toolkit?

We are able to process your request for replacement or extra items. You can submit your request to We will confirm our production and delivery timescales upon confirmation of payment.

Should we use an internal or external facilitator?

Internal or external facilitation is appropriate. The facilitator selection criteria should include being highly skilled at working with groups and addressing specific needs. The facilitators’ ability to be open-minded is a potent requirement for evolving beliefs and learning.

When creating consensus, challenges arise; facilitation remains the single most important attribute of a professional facilitator. Participants who trust their facilitator’s authenticity respond more frequently and thoroughly than facilitators who have a personal interest in aligning to the status quo.



Your Choices


We know solving complex issues requires serious effort; however, using the Lego® Serious Play Method ®, we help teams unlock the power of work-play, improve engagement, and ignite better outcomes.



We elevate and ease your learning journey by combining leading practices, videos, thinking tools and quizzes that help simplify complexity and increase your personal power and business confidence. 



We lead development programmes for leaders and HR professionals focused on accelerating business results through strategic human capital practices that fuel high-performing outcomes.



We identify market gaps and formulate masterclasses which help leaders
and practitioners elevate their performance, enrich engagement, and increase their confidence to lead. 



We combine pioneering and leading practices, the science of simplification, human design, value communication and craft tools that help us gain control, making our work lives easier, more fulfilling and empowering confidence. 



We work with individuals and teams on their unique challenges and opportunities, accelerating and improving how to generate value and confidence for themselves and others.


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