Lego Serious Play – Custom Sessions 

As accredited Lego Serious Play facilitators, we custom design and deliver sessions to solve business issues and overcome barriers that prevent success. 

For those familiar LSP, the technique creates highly engaging ways for teams to solve business issues and overcome barriers which prevent success. Through learning, exploration, imagination and story-telling, there is the opportunity to unlock potential and work through even the most complicated business challenges.

Using our World of Work Canvas™ we develop custom session for sessions for leaders and teams. Because each organisation has unique circumstances we use our 4-step process for scoping and designing these LSP sessions. Previous themes have included;

Real Time Strategy – development for team

Real Time Strategy – development for the enterprise

These sessions create a powerful opportunity to;

  • Unlock new and existing knowledge
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Understand the situational landscape
  • Building a system
  • Exploring emergence and decision impacts
  • Developing guiding principles

We use our 4-step process to develop a clear understanding and the parameters of your unique requirements for these engagement types.

Our group found the workshop very valuable. One, in particular, was able to uncover a pattern of behaviour that had been holding them back from achieving their goals, but something they were not consciously aware of beforehand. Another member of our group had a big realisation with regards to focusing on smaller goals that will help achieve future aspirations, instead of focusing on a very large goal.

As a group we left the workshop feeling, inspired and positive about the next steps we would want to take towards creating our futures.

Claire Baker

Launch Lab Mentor, Every One Every Day

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