How happy are you at work?

Most of us spend our adult life working, so no wonder there is an abundance of inspiring quotes to motivate us. However, after everything we’ve been through in the last couple of years, it feels like the world has been knocked off its’ axis.

Research indicates that over 65% are open to changing jobs, even among those who are outwardly happy at work. Of course, with skills shortages affecting most businesses, this is a headache for many leaders, even brands with seemingly strong identities. But what about us workers with supply power resting in our hands? How do we make good decisions for ourselves?

What would be your answer to – How happy are you at work? It’s a simple question but a loaded one. It depends on where you are in life but do we take enough care in planning our careers? You don’t have to be a traditional high flier concerned about a career path. Every one of us hopes to lead a meaningful life; as humans, we have different wants and needs.

With searches for; what to do if you’re not happy at work? And; how to be happy at work when you hate it? – on the rise, it’s clear that most of us need to take more control of how to pair meaning and happiness and weave them together to complement work, family and play.

But it’s tricky, that’s for sure!

Yes, we can take courses, seek advice, journal and take psychometric assessments, but how do we find the time and the skill to connect these and nurture them as our working journeys evolve?

Given the significance of creating a happy work-life balance, we felt something needed to change. A pathway that makes planning and achieving career happiness easier to navigate and affordable. Our answer to this puzzle has been to create Your Career Happiness Roadmap. It combines the wisdom of many, short videos and thinking tools that, when woven together, are essential for linking our work, family and play.

Like most things in life, the state of happiness ebbs and flows. So whilst we can’t realistically maintain a state of happiness throughout our working lives, we’ve made it possible to decipher choices, build momentum, overcome bottlenecks and breathe life into empowering intentions.

So the next time you see the quote “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, there’s now an easier way to make that a reality.

Susan De Fazio

Founder, Be Future Ready Today.

For more information on how you can access Your Career Happiness Roadmap go to –


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