Your Career Happiness Roadmap

We spend so much time at work that one of the keys to happiness is doing what you love and bringing you joy. Find out how to create clarity for yourself, gain more control and ask yourself the right questions with a chance to take your ‘Fight or Flight.’ Quiz

The approach we have used is based on years of experience, science-led and practical. The design of Your Career Happiness allows dipping in and out at your own pace so that you can reflect and refresh your thinking when it suits you.

It’s easy and packed full of useful insights, tips, and thinking tools.


Price £29.97

With all the recent upheaval and pressures of the last 18 months, I can’t wait to see what Susan and her team create. I was so impressed by Your First 90 Day Roadmap that I will be one of the first in the queue. I can’t wait!


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