The Pursuit of Happiness At Work – S1/E1

Jan 10, 2023 | 0 comments

The Joy Factory
The Joy Factory
The Pursuit of Happiness At Work - S1/E1

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In this episode, The Pursuit of Happiness at Work, our guest Dr Clare Mulligan-Foster discusses what being happy at work means, how we integrate happiness into our work life and whether we can be satisfied with life if we’re not happy at work.

Clare is a chartered psychologist and is passionate about using the science of psychology to help people and organisations understand how to reach their goals. Claire specialises in diversity and inclusion, neuroscience at work and how this impacts our decision-making, work relationships, and leadership behaviours.

Learn from Clare about how often people don’t feel happy with work and how connecting with our values is the first step towards ensuring we craft fulfilling working lives as time evolves. Listen to how positive psychology can help us find

  • Contentment with the past
  • Happiness in the present
  • And hope for the future.

From understanding the power of gratitude to dealing with life quakes, Clare guides us through easy techniques that allow us to take stock, focus on what brings us contentment and discover ways to make the most out of our working lives. This episode is for everyone who believes connecting to what makes us happy at work is essential to their sense of self and feels flourishing should be open to us all.


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