Bringing Humour To Work – S1/E2

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The Joy Factory
Bringing Humour To Work – S1/E2


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Join us for this episode, where we explore Bringing Humour to Work with our guest, the award-winning writer and comedian Zara Janjua.

We’ll chat with Zara about her experiences with humour, why humour at work is so important, learning lessons from missteps and how we positively connect with others.

Zara recently wrote an article for a national newspaper, Humour Me It’s Time to Get Serious at Work. And featured at Baroness Karren Brady’s Women in Business and Tech Expo. Combining all this with Zara’s passion for comedy means she’s ideally placed to talk about the fun-sucking absence of humour in our workplaces today.

Listen to Zara’s thoughts on why self-deprecating humour can be both helpful and distract others into believing you’re simply a ‘corporate clown’ and how to handle blunders in today’s cancel culture.

Learn how to discover your humour style – stand-up, sniper, magnet, or sweetheart. We all need to know how to bring lightness and levity into our working relationships. Finding our style can help boost our standing, build positive bonds, and ensure we don’t harm ourselves and others.

This episode promises to help us understand the power of bringing more light and laughter into our working lives. From understanding the power of cultivating ‘magic beans’ to the tangible and intangible value of humour, we could all do with a bit more sparkle in the workplace.



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