The ability to effectively deal with operating complexities, deliver optimal results and remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment are survival imperatives.


In a nutshell, if executives truly view people as the way to unlock value and deliver their desired outcomes then they need the depth and breadth of organisational skills to figure out ‘the how’. It is not enough to pass the buck and expect HR to be solely accountable for figuring out ways in which to overcome the shortage and changing needs of workers.


There are a number of methods that can be applied to translating business strategy and explicitly connecting it to workers and the world of work. Techniques used in Strategic Workforce Planninng like differentiation, supply analysis and scenario planning help inform and challenge the many preconceptions of workforce and practice design. Collectively these have the potential to create unique insights, improve the quality of decision making, inform investments and provide outcome focused action plans. The first step forward should be to explore the techniques that will help make sense of context and complexity. Doing this will provde a gateway to insights that improve focus and provide an intelligent view of the future.


Whilst HR have responsibility for forming the people strategy there should be a collective accountability to figuring out ‘the how’. It may be true that HR needs to raise their capabilities together with removing functional jargon, but this is not enough. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to be part of the process. They just want to be part of the outcome. But the process is where you figure out who’s worth being part of the outcome.


Unless you simply don’t care or see yourself as not accountable then the time is NOW. There are many reasons like time, money, effort and the lack of expertise which can be seen as barriers. But frankly these are excuses.

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