We know diversity and inclusion is good for business, so why do so many companies fall short and struggle to create a clear path to empowering inclusive behaviours and workspaces.

At Be Future Ready we have a passion for inclusion. Why? Well perhaps it’s because we have all had experiences where we have been excluded. Sometimes it has been deliberate and on other occasions it’s just down to a simple lack of understanding.

So why is inclusion so difficult? Is it because there is so much fear about getting things wrong that it primarily becomes, as a matter of compliance—a regulatory box to be checked? Or is it because, despite the rhetoric, companies focus too much on diversity and inclusion being just good for business? Surely practices must extend beyond “being good for business” and include the health and welfare of the workforce. After all your place of work should not induce trauma for people who are trying to help you meet your bottom line.

Speaking of people, in all the research we have seen and in our experiences there continues to be a bias towards the ‘employee’. Given that between 10-50% of an organisation’s workers may be freelancers or independent workers why then are efforts not inclusive towards them?

One of the common misconceptions is that inclusion is achieved simply by bringing diverse individuals into a space and calling it D & I. Getting this far is only the tip of the iceberg. We know that people want and need to be heard and that the mechanism is not another survey. There is a deep seated need to understand and reveal experiences and behaviours at all levels of the organisation.

Because of this we have developed a visual and sensory activity which quickly identifies workplace behaviours. With a strong cognitive appeal our approach gives workers a way of being properly heard.

Our Company Persona Scan reveals behaviours linked to degrees of inclusiveness. Understanding where you really are is the first step toward developing a true path to inclusiveness

Contact us now for more information on how you can use our expertise and access our strategic workforce planning framework and tools.

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