The key to success lies somewhere between having a winning vision, the capabilities to deliver and an attitude that can effectively deal with failures and successes whilst maintaining the right focus and energy.

Within these dynamics why is it that HR leaders and practitioners struggle with reputational issues. Is it because they;

1. Struggle to articulate the business benefits of initiatives they advocate.

2. Appear to focus too much on “best practices” and not differentiating their own ‘how to’ approach.

3. Use a different language to the business and concentrate on compliance as a way of showing they aren’t just tuned to softer outcomes.


Is it because they don’t have a strategic toolkit with methods and features that translates the purpose of the business into actions and activities that shrewdly mitigates risk and facilitates shaping a meaningful way to compete?

Of course, I always say that “context is ‘king”, so it could be any, all or for completely different reasons. However In our experience it is typically due to the lack of a strategic toolkit. Therefore, it’s a bit like taking your car to be fixed but the mechanic either makes do with parts from another car of a different type or they simply don’t have the engineering tools to do the job. Crazy yes! It doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some hugely talented HR leaders and practitioners, so I know there is no lack of good intentions and skill. However, unless attitude and skill are complimented with a set of value-based methods and tools they will always be rudderless. So, what’s the answer?

Having partnered with The Human Capital Institute for several years facilitating their development programs I know for sure that there is a way of building strategic skills and applying specific techniques to strengthen business acumen. Collectively this helps shape resilience and confidence. I have seen and heard first-hand how remarkably empowering access to the right strategic tool kit can be. Whether you want to accelerate your career, or do a great job in the role you’re in, the ability to invest in yourself is there for you to take.

Contact us now for more information on how you can use our expertise and access our strategic workforce planning framework and tools.

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