How many times have you sat in unproductive and disappointing meetings? Sometimes I think that meetings are created by the need to design or solve issues by committee thereby absolving all personal accountability.


Typically, in meetings 80% of the output is created by 20% of the attendees. Sound familiar? Depending on the group dynamics meetings can be overtaken by ego, status and who has the loudest voice. Sound familiar?


How long does it take to solve complex issues? 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? It never seems to be speedy does it? Then there’s how people behave in order to protect their own interests.


All in all, creating breakthroughs in the workplace is hard to do, especially when you’re in an established company and culture. So, what’s the answer?


Well there are various techniques that can be used; consultants, new hires and/or replicating practices from somewhere else. However, none of these are robust enough to stand the test of time.


We believe the answer can lie within but that it needs careful curating and collaboration techniques. We, therefore, like to encourage and support ‘Serious Fun in the Workplace’ which helps to ensure:

  • 100% participation which crucially means all voices (introvert & extrovert) are heard
  • Overcoming habitual thinking thereby unlocking existing and new knowledge
  • Increased speed to resolution

Times are difficult and when this happens collaboration and creativity suffers. And yet creativity is the lifeblood of any organisation who wants to develop resilience and remain relevant.

Not everybody will get the potential of ‘Serious Fun in the Workplace’. It’s a mindset. Are you open to working differently?

Contact us now for more information on how you can use our expertise and access our strategic workforce planning framework and tools.

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