Is it the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties – toughness – flexibility – durability –
the ability to spring back into shape – strength – adaptability – buoyancy – toughness – bounce back ability – hardiness – character?

However, you define resilience it is a precious gift which allows us to remain steady, focused and relevant when dealing with challenging times and risk.

It is not about bubble wrapping risk. It’s about being bold enough to recognise that uncertainty and adversity happen and not cowering away or putting our heads in the sand.

Risk is a fact of life. Whilst it is indeed scary and uncomfortable the ability to remain calm and strong are essential. So too are having ways and techniques for dealing with choppy waters. It can even be empowering if you can become truly open to the awkwardness of being uncomfortable.

We find that using ‘Serious Fun in the Workplace’ techniques helps to unlock insights, deconstruct complex issues and increases speed to effectiveness. Creative and constructive approaches which allow everyone to lean-in, collaborate safely, find a sense of liberation and a release from fear of failure.

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