Owning Our Happiness at Work – S1/E5

Jan 12, 2023 | 0 comments

The Joy Factory
The Joy Factory
Owning Our Happiness at Work - S1/E5


Owning Our Happiness at Work


Join us for this episode Owning Our Happiness at Work, where we chat with our guest Fiona Martin about how we become comfortable and fulfilled. Fiona is a business leader, executive coach, board member and mediator in HR. Fiona is also a judging panel member for the HR Network Magazine National Awards.

Listen to Fiona’s thoughts and experiences about taking control of our happiness even when the conditions aren’t ideal; we can influence unexpected phycological shifts when we choose to show up differently. Fiona shares a beautiful example of how a mindset shift with a dash of red lipstick led her to transform an unhappy situation into an enriching experience.

During our chat, we also delve into how proactively reflecting on our life choices prevents us from becoming overwhelmed when things go apparently off track. There are tips on how individuals can step back and evaluate workplace conditions. And what leaders can do to be more proactive in discovering what’s working and what might be driving others nuts.

The conversation illustrates the power of empathy for ourselves and others and being open to reading the signals around us. This episode is for everyone who perhaps feels stuck or unhappy at work and wants to explore how they can flip it and take positive action.


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