The ability to attract and retain people with valuable skills is vital for companies seeking to reduce risk and stay competitive.

Organisations invest a great deal of time and money to ensure they have the right people in place to deliver business outcomes. However, are these efforts truly aligned to bringing the purpose of the organisation to life in a speedy and effective way? Often, they are not.

There are still too many who focus on the symptoms and design practices which do not address the real issues at hand or accelerate the realisation of strategic goals.

Although human capital accounts for the majority of all operating expenses, many enterprises fail to invest in innovating their people practices. For example, many still apply traditional approaches to segmenting and managing their workforce – graduate recruitment, high potentials, succession planning, investing in ‘top’ talent and so on.

The return on these approaches is questionable and are no longer enough to underpin competitive advantage.

This is where strategic workforce planning (SWP) comes into play. The high value practices which enable SWP are ideal for aligning resources with business priorities. By applying the principles of role segmentation and aligning these to prioritised outcomes HR practitioners are able to improve their focus and value to the business. This in turn provides the basis for truly understanding the characteristics that drive a superior approach to the acquisition and engagement of key resources together with investment decisions and how organisational design should evolve.

Doing this, is a major step toward solving the real issues in our world of work and provides a golden opportunity for not only driving superior performance but for HR practitioners being recognised for capabilities that actually creates value.

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