We all understand that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is good for business. When people can’t bring their whole selves to work and/or there isn’t an environment where all can thrive results suffer. Reputations are also diminished and yet organisations struggle with overcoming challenges.  

We know that policy is important for legal protection, but actions and behaviours continue to dominate workers’ daily experiences. At Be Future Ready Today we strongly believe that positive changes in the workplace climate benefit each of us and can help diverse groups overcome some of the known barriers to advancement and fulfillment.

Our collective experiences have shown us that there is a glaring need for straightforward, engaging and anonymous ways that have the power to reveal our own individual experiences. This led us to develop workplace aids which help to uncover what’s really going on inside ‘the walls’ of an organisation. By examining behaviours and the depth of trust in the workplace we can provide much needed transparency and help companies become inclusion pioneers.

The core of our design philosophy embraces the notion of Serious Fun in the Workplace. We know through research, and our own personal experiences, that this approach produces deep connections and unlocks something in us all. By creating simple techniques that tap into our Heads, Hands and Heart we have crafted a quick and fun way of revealing important aspects of our workplace experiences.

We have designed two approaches – Persona and Trust Scanning – which examines and explores the behaviours together with the depth and breadth of trust we experience in our roles, within teams and as part of a wider enterprise.

These straightforward aids are designed so that they can be part of a toolkit for those who lead and shape diversity and inclusion efforts.

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