Head, heart and hands on decision making

We all understand the benefits of listening to each other and ensuring that our tone and communication style positively influence those around us.

Well, in theory, we do. But what happens in the workplace when power dynamics are involved? Or when we become entrenched in our point of view, biases or blind spots? Not to mention when we have time constraints. It can be extremely challenging at the best of times, especially when we have to steer towards collaborative problem-solving.

How then do we solve these ever-present challenges?

As children, we learn about ourselves, others and our environments through play, social interactions, active listening, and observation. It’s our way of making sense of things around us, growing, becoming self-aware and learning the art of building good relationships.

When we get older and move into the workplace often we are absorbed in the tasks we are paid to deliver and typically reward systems only focus on short-term results. All of which can get in the way of creating the breakthroughs we so desperately need.


To ensure we overcome these challenges, the virtue found in collaboration must not be left to chance. It makes us far too vulnerable.

The answer lies in a combination of taking lessons from our childhood and science. Long-established research has proven that when co-ordinated physical and mental activities are designed into collaborating, it releases a problem-solving power only found in humans.

The scientists refer to it as “sensorimotor’ which is the strength gained by coordinating physical and mental activities—creating a rich potency for collaboration and improved decision making. Therefore, crafting the right conditions and tools for solving issues quicker, collaboratively and with reliable success is paramount.

At Be Future Ready Today, we call this head, heart and hands-on decision making. Unlocking these senses is integral to the design blueprint of our toolkits that simplify our World of Work.

Using this combination not only overcomes complexity but takes leaders toward a state of unparalleled enlightenment.  In a world where digitisation seems to be taking over and driving many to breaking point, we can’t afford to forget how to empower humans in the workplace. Our ability to empathise, connect and visualise possibilities is compelling.

That’s why we believe the time to release the potential of head, heart, and hands-on decision-making is now!

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