Elevating your strategic thinking and credibility

As leaders navigate a great deal of internal and external complexity, thinking strategically is one of the characteristics present in those that are highly effective.

Whilst some may think that being strategic is reserved for events that focus on the longer-term like once or twice yearly planning sessions, the opposite is true. Whilst it is widely recognised that there are five different thinking styles, real strategic thinkers act and ponder strategically as part of their daily routine. Research from Harvard has found that a strategic approach to leadership was, on average, 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other behaviours studied.

Of course, being able to deliver results tactically is essential. However, for leaders who wish to have a voice and be credible, they also must demonstrate that they can take a broader view and think both critically and creatively.

We have seen some fine examples of strategic thinking. However, we have also witnessed leaders who believe thinking strategically is limited to being adept at being ahead of the curve on products and services or something that can be game-changing in the marketplace. Those attributes are certainly part of competency requirements, but the delivery and realisation of potential still require stress testing. Can these opportunities be delivered through the workforce? If so, where, at what cost, and what are the implications? It’s not enough to be competent at coming up with bright ideas,—the how is, as we all know, where the rubber meets the road.

All too often, there is a smart plan with financial projections carefully drawn up and delivery commitments made to shareholders and stakeholders. Then this is handed off, or some may say ‘outsourced’, to HR to get on with making it happen. Acting this way is at best a lack of appreciation of the complexity involved and at worst a dereliction of accountability.

Our World of Work is complex with many moving parts. Therefore, it is a collective responsibility to figure out the challenges and opportunities that are ever-present in business. That said, HR does have a responsibility to influence, facilitate and provide the strategic framework to help leaders expand their perspectives, anticipate and develop sound tactics that are fit for enabling exceptional results over multiple timeframes.

At Be Future Ready, we help leaders and practitioners develop their skills and aptitude for developing strategic capabilities and confidence. We do this in two unique ways.

  • A valued partnership with The Human Capital Institute offers a training curriculum that provides the foundation for accelerating HR’s core capabilities – including a two-day Strategic Workforce Planning Certification programme.
  • Our Toolkits simplify your World of Work and self-enable ‘the-how’. These empower leaders and practitioners and dramatically shift their ability to control today and confidently steer towards the future.

Both options help individuals and teams power-up and attain a higher level of performance by elevating their strategic thinking and credibility within our World of Work.


“Susi’s passion and enthusiasm for Strategic Workforce Planning was evident from our first meeting.  Susi took the time to understand my previous skills and knowledge which led to a truly outstanding developmental experience. 

Susi immersed me in SWP, and her deep specialism really challenged my thinking and supported me in making pragmatic linkages. The uniqueness of Susi is her ability to bring SWP to life through her insights, having partnered with many diverse organisations in different cultures.”

Carole Lamond FCIPD, MAC - HR Business Partner, Scotland

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