Your First 90 Days – Quick Start guide

The richness of the design is a combination of research and hands-on experience of the highs and lows when transitioning into new roles. Your toolkit has a system made up of 257 prompt cards within four main themes.

These cover the majority of what any individual will need to focus on during their first 90 days. However, you may experience some unique moments, so there are blank cards provided in each theme for you to capture your thoughts.

Remember that this system covers your first 90 days, and the prompt cards span that entire period. How you apply, the design is dependent entirely on the context. These are tools that help you build an understanding of yourself, your co-workers and the business you are there to deliver value. The pace is essential, as is how you ask questions in a style that feels natural to you and the colleagues you are communicating with and building bonds.

Your First 90 Days – Note Book

It can often feel daunting knowing where to start and clearly and comprehensively identify any barriers to creating a healthy operating system.

To make it easier, we have taken the most common and reoccurring challenges we have seen businesses face. Using this can help you create a clear picture of where you are experiencing difficulties. The results can also be used and shared with colleagues to help develop a shared understanding of the issues that require attention.  

If you complete the checklist below, you will receive a report describing the impact of the areas you identify. The information will also include details of additional issues that commonly impact organisational effectiveness together with recommended next steps.

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