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Congratulations – you are soon to start a new role. You’re also someone who likes to get their thoughts organised. You know there will be many moving parts, but how do you prepare, make it powerful yet practical? 

Exactly! It’s not easy, and there’s a lot to consider. It is why we’ve developed Your First 90 Days Toolkit™, which is a unique system that allows you to confidently take control and create a focus for the elements of performance that matter. 


Your First 90 Days Toolkit™ – contains all you will need to increase your preparedness and potential. This discreet and stylish toolkit is a transition method at your fingertips.

257 Prompt Cards  – spanning the critical themes of;

  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Change
  • Decision Making

Each prompt card presents stimulating questions for you to consider, reflect on, and use when taking action. All are designed to help you accelerate your success.

E-document download – we have also designed a complementary document for your Personal notes. Inside the document, each Prompt card has its own space for your notes, as well as being organised to match the Toolkit box layout. The Personal Notes document is only available to download upon purchase of the 90 Toolkit itself. A link will be emailed to every verified customer with the download details.



Your First 90 Day Toolkit™ is a unique career-enhancing resource resulting from many years of hands-on experience and leading research. With 257 prompt cards covering the critical themes of Relationships, Communication, Change, and Decision Making, there is a selection of stimulating questions for you to consider, reflect, and use when taking action.

Your First 90 Day Toolkit™ is a must-have for any professional looking to ease their transition and form powerful bonds early on.

Would you like to feel more confident about your first 90 days? If so, then make sure you invest in your future by securing your personal toolkit today.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any further toolkits beyond Your First 90 Days ?

Yes, so far we have developed three further toolkits that support Organisational Health Scanning, Diversity & Inclusion, and Psychological Safety. These are our Organisational Health Scan, Company Persona and Trust Toolkits. In addition, we plan to develop a range of toolkits that simplify more of the complexities we face on a regular basis. We welcome any interest and suggestions.

Can we add or alter the Prompt card questions?

Yes, although the questions on the Prompt Cards represent the output of years of research and specialist expertise, we have also provided blank cards to add your own personal questions. We also encourage you to adapt any prompt question to suit your unique context. 

I need to replace or add items within my Toolkit?

We are able to process your request for replacement or extra items. You can submit your request to We will confirm our production and delivery timescales upon confirmation of payment.

Can the Toolkit be used commercially by Coaches and Consultants?



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