Enabling ‘the how’

In a world with so much complexity developing competence can be accomplished in different ways.  We believe that there is no learning without action. Working on real issues and learning together as individuals and teams create signature strengths that are hard for others to copy—thereby creating the basis for real differentiation and competitive advantage.

However, this requires a clear and deliberate set of principles rooted in asking powerful questions. We all know that if you ask the wrong questions, it can take you down an ill-fated path wasting valuable time and money, not to mention causing an awful lot of frustration.

Throughout our careers, within the World of Work and organisational effectiveness, we know that making a real difference does not only reside in theory, expensive data gathering and executive reports. Unfortunately, this is where much external expertise ceases leaving leaders and practitioners to painfully figure out ‘the how’.

At Be Future Ready Today, we’re all about ‘the how’. Our motivation is to make complexity easier to handle and empower others to deliver exceptional results with toolkits that simplify your World of Work.

Our design philosophy integrates many high value and outcome-orientated methods that guide inspired and informed action. Not only do our toolkits simplify the complex, but their design also enables ‘the how’ creating the right conditions for achieving breakthrough results.

Ultimately we accelerate your ability to build competence and provide exceptional results quicker—allowing you to control today and steer towards the future with confidence.


Breakthough Results

Synthesis, action, mobilise, alignment, real urgency.


Knowledge, individual, group, know-how.

Real Issues in Real Time

Patterns, recognition, visualisation.

Powerful Questions

Specificity, complexity, affect, sensory


Active listening, sharing, reflection.


Understanding, empathy, separation, cohesion.

“We learn most when we are faced with a real  problem”

Arnold Weinstock

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