The notion and health benefits of de-cluttering are certainly not new. A great example of how fulfilling and successful this can be is Marie Kondo. Marie has created a de-cluttering phenomenon based on wholly and quickly discarding things that don’t spark joy. Following this spirit allows us to craft the proper flow and energy to thrive in our unique environments.

It certainly makes sense to me, and given the waves of public appreciation and commercial success there, is no doubt others too find a great deal of comfort and peace in Marie’s philosophy.

While this may seem like a big undertaking, how can we achieve this wow effect in business? Here are our top recommendations for how to make it possible.

Remove blockages like;

  • Out of date thinking – the curse of not made here, by me and blind spots
  • Bad habits – discarding the activities that don’t properly connect to creating prosperity and improving lives
  • Toxic behaviours – removing the politics that are self-serving, ego-driven and divisive

Gain greater control by making room for;

  • Clarity – by scanning and understanding how the business operates warts and all
  • Inspiration – by deliberately connecting first-rate thinking and leading practices
  • Concentration – by focusing only on the activities that create collective meaning and value

These may all seem like they would be an uphill struggle. However, we’re here to help unscramble the puzzle.

Using our toolkits that simplify the World of Work allow you to examine and deconstruct what healthy habits and ethos mean for business, setting a foundation that makes cohesion possible. Giving you some much needed wow in the workplace.

Is it time to de-clutter and re-energise your approach and realise a healthier, prosperous and more stress-free way of living? It is within your grasp.

Contact us for more information on our approach to diagnostics and Organisational Health Scan – World of Work Canvas™ and Toolkit.


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