Your First 90 Day Roadmap

​Your First 90 Day Roadmap is designed to help you manage your entry into a new role. It provides you with a structure that will help you get started and save you time.

There are short videos and chapters that summarize the key considerations and help you avoid the traps that we often see others falling into or may have inadvertently done ourselves.

Research tells us that those who have a well-thought-out approach and style when transitioning are able to add value 40% faster than those that don’t.

The approach we have used is based on years of experience, science-led and practical. The design of Your First 90 Day Roadmap allows dipping in and out at your own pace so that you can reflect and refresh your thinking when it suits you.

It’s easy and packed full of useful insights, tips, and thinking tools.


Price £34.97

My overall impression of your First 90 Day Roadmap is that is hugely valuable. Each chapter contained really good insights which makes this extremely good value for money. It was easy to use and enjoyable to listen to with lots of practical advice and tips. Unlike buying and reading a book, the course covers all the salient points in around half an hour and allows me to return to it whenever I need to refresh.


Senior Director

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