The CEO’s 21st Century Roadmap

For leaders who firmly believe people are at the heart of success and take pride in being passionate about making a difference navigating the future of work presents many challenges.

We have all seen for ourselves that leading others through change and transformation takes more than having great leadership qualities. Becoming a credible catalyst is not easy, especially if you are a CEO, a top-tier advisor, or someone aiming to be a CEO.

If you are someone who wants to become a positive force for change and learn how to steer yourself and others through the ever-increasing complexities, then we have created the CEO’s 21st Century Roadmap™ specifically for you.

Becoming a leader who can cut through complexity by creating clarity and overcoming blind spots are superpowers; great leaders must be able to deliver outstanding results despite the turbulence we experience so regularly.

Our approach combines years of experience and is science-led and practical.

£97.00 / 12 months

Thinking Tools to Guide CEOs in the 21st Century

Being clear about our direction and developing a strategic toolkit that is effective and practical is a must. So too are creating the right insights and knowing the capabilities to generate game-changing results. But how can you do this effectively whilst juggling all the other vital aspects of life?

Look no further! The videos and thinking tools in this Roadmap will set you on the right path, keep you focused and create the clarity you need to gain control and build confidence for the future.

The content is based on 25 years of lived strategic leadership and combines thousands of hours evaluating many vital thought leadership books and commentaries you can study in a lifetime – all simplified and presented concisely.

Eight Chapters on your Roadmap

Our Chapters guide your roadmap journey. Each chapter has a short video and thinking tools that help create a deeper understanding of the video content.

They are bite-sized and can be revisited at your own pace as your journey evolves with quizzes to help you develop personal insights to reflect on, enhancing your credibility and empowering the ‘how’.

You will also access a powerful Future of Work Canvas ™ that simplifies and clarifies all the essential elements.

£97.00 / 12 months

A wealth of great content – simplifying the how and clarifying your thinking

Chapter 1 – Purpose

Video Duration: 7:34min

  • The Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
  • Transparency, Integration & critical linkages
  • Obstacles to growth & success
  • Clarity, connection, conversation

Thinking Tools:

  • The Triple Bottom Line Explained
  • PWC’s Integrated Framework
  • Evidence Based Alignment Tool

Chapter 2 – Work & Workplace Design

Video Duration: 3:13min

  • Whole system design
  • Design context
  • Organisational design compass

Thinking Tools:

  • The Organisational Design Compass and Prompts

Chapter 3 – Workplace Engagement

Video Duration:  5:20min

  • Workforce formation
  • Differentiation in the workforce
  • Workforce engagement for the 21st century

Thinking Tools:

  • Signs Your Not Differentiating Enough
  • Signs of Weak Workforce Practices
  • The 7B Workforce Design Definitions

Chapter 4 – Labour Market Scanning

Video Duration:  6:56min

  • Labour market influences
  • Workforce ecosystem
  • Workforce modelling for the 20th & 21st century

Thinking Tools:

  • Making Sense of Labour Dynamics
  • Scanning the labour landscape

Chapter 5 – Inclusion Reality

Video Duration:  6:20min

  • Facing uncomfortable truths
  • The value of belonging
  • Workforce data insights that matter

Thinking Tools:

  • Identifying Zones of Dysfunction

Chapter 6 – Personal Growth

Video Duration:  5:53min

  • Connecting the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
  • Leading auditors agree
  • Workforce modelling
  • The speculation gap

Thinking Tools:

  • Key Attributes of a CEO
  • Power & Social Influence
  • Types of Leadership Power Definitions

Chapter 7 – Performance Results

Video Duration:  6:18min

  • Building unbeatable capabilities
  • Creating outstanding results
  • Importance of accountability
  • Accountability danger indicators

Thinking Tools:

  • One-page Strategic Plan


  • Accountability Signals Quiz

Chapter 8 – Outcomes

Video Duration:  9:00min

  • Connecting the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)
  • Leading auditors agree
  • Workforce modelling for the 21st Century
  • The speculation gap

Thinking Tools:

  • Workforce Analytics Examples


  • Your Leadership Scorecard

Moving Forward

Video Duration:  3:32min


  • Strategic toolkit recap
  • Value to your career
  • Introducing the Future of Work Canvas™
  • Diagnostic and visual dashboard
  • Introducing Your Future Fit Assessment™

Including Leadership Scorecard Quiz

Research indicates that self-awareness positively impacts companies’ bottom line, yet it is often an underdeveloped attribute, particularly among male leaders. Therefore understanding how your personality, habits and emotions show up in day-to-day interactions holds special significance when delivering successful outcomes.

But how do we easily and quickly boost our self-awareness?

Look no further! To support your self-awareness journey, we have included Your Leadership Scorecard Quiz. It’s quick, straightforward and easy.

£97.00 / 12 months

I work with the C Suite regularly, and it often surprises me how fragile their awareness is of connecting the people aspects to delivering a winning strategy. Many rely on the Chief People Officers but depending on the vulnerabilities of those capabilities can be risky. CEOs need to know how their companies perform across a triple bottom line, yet they often know more about the external context than their own organisation. 

If you are looking to create clarity and build a strategic toolkit that helps you navigate the Future of Work, then this 21st Century Roadmap is a must. 


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