Susan De Fazio – My Story

I’ve been a leader, practitioner, vendor, buyer, an employee and a freelancer. I’ve held the power of influence, then not. I know what it’s like to be a female leader. I understand the ups, the downs, the advantages and some disadvantages.

At school, I was a little above average intellectually; however, I now consider this to be one of my main advantages.

Since an early age, I’ve been intrigued by the notion of improvement. If something is outside of my area of expertise, experience or comfort zone, I always strive to master these obstacles, including the times I’ve had to deal with dysfunction, unhealthy egos or office politics.

Over the past 25 years, my experiences have shaped the traits I believe a healthy company should have; whether you’re a customer, part of the workforce, leader, analyst, shareholder, or impacted by the consequences of their actions.

Whilst I’ve had terrific experiences, some of it has been deeply unpleasant, but they have made me wiser. Overall I consider myself extremely lucky. It’s why I believe passionately in the importance of healthy working environments.

 What is my specific niche and brand mission?

The concept of healthy businesses is not new. Like me, a growing number of specialists believe that organisational health will surpass all other business disciplines. Creating the most incredible opportunity for improvement and market advantage.

In saying this, I’ve seen how the tension and complexities of delivering immediate results can conflict with crafting and connecting longer-term tactics for success.Even when experts help with problem-solving I’ve found that there is still a profound absence of ‘the how’.

The implementation into existing situations is often fraught with challenges. These attempts are usually too costly, cause frustration and in some cases, futile. Any intended advantage is lost.

My team and I overcome these barriers by empowering ‘the how’ and simplifying the complexity we all face.

Our formula combines outlier expertise + cognitive and behavioural science + self-enabling toolkits. We take on the most challenging world of work obstacles and improve how we control today and begin feeling confident about the future.

We go beyond what some cynics may consider fluffy or sentimental; everything we do centres on improving your triple bottom line; prosperity, people and planet.

We believe that removing the blockages to better learning and working together is entirely within our grasp. Are we able to solve every challenge? That’s unlikely, but we break down many complex issues and reveal ways that allow internal teams to create better results in less time without sacrificing the human element. 

They say “the secret of our success is hidden in our daily routines.” Using the power of our experience and expertise, we can unlock better working ways which easily fit and improve workplace routines.  

Why do people work with me?

Making a living is important; however, I’m tired of seeing people struggle and stress. I believe in safe environments that allow people to thrive. I am part of a movement that is making this a reality. 

Those who work with me don’t just value my knowledge and expertise. They know I’m sincere about shining a light on their ability to be successful and happy. 

But above all they trust me.

Whether it’s with their deepest concerns or their hopes, they know their credibility and confidence is at the heart of my motivation. After all, we all need the right tools and support to help us build on our achievements. 

If you are interested, please join the conversation and movement by following the team and me at Be Future Ready Today to learn more about our how and share your perspectives.

Susan DeFazio - my story

Founder & CEO

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