The Magic of Leadership S2/E6

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The Magic of Leadership S2/E6

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We are thrilled to have John Ferguson with us on this episode! I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with John for the past few years as part of HR Network Magazine’s National Awards judging panel.

John is a renowned leadership expert with over 25 years of experience aiding individuals and teams in attaining their highest potential. His ingenuity lies within executive and boardroom contexts, where people seek success. He is widely acclaimed for his knack for facilitating, guiding, and optimising commercial success – making him a widely sought-after specialist.

John has applied his expertise across various industries and locations, aiming for tangible outcomes that guarantee strategic synchronisation and enthusiasm. He’s famed for delivering results quickly and with panache!

During this episode, we will chat about passion, purpose, and the influence of leadership on rising performance; furthermore, we will explore how leaders discover their real north while maintaining balance throughout life – this includes uncovering an identity that brings fulfilment to themselves and others; developing self-awareness through emotional intelligence so one can dodge ego-dancing moments; all while being clear about priorities and realising goals.


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