The Art of Balancing our Wellness – S2/E2

The Joy Factory
The Joy Factory
The Art of Balancing our Wellness - S2/E2

Available Now – The Art of Balancing Our Wellness


Join us for this episode, where we were lucky to have Jovi Lall as our special guest. Jovi is the go-to guru for employee wellness – and for a good reason. Jovi has deep expertise in HR management across Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Southeast Asia. She is currently the Employee Well-being lead for the UK and EMEA at JP Morgan.

My conversation with Jovi helped me understand more about the significance of curating a careful balance between physical, mental and financial aspects of well-being. We discussed forming healthy habits while intentionally focusing on achieving a relaxed state of mind and checking out available support options.

Jovi shares her insight on how companies can cultivate an environment that cares about their employees’ well-being – beyond the usual checklists – by introducing things like mental health first aiders into the mix! Throughout our chat, Jovi’s enthusiasm for her work shines through; she generously offers us numerous sources to use on our journeys towards personal well-being.


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