Finding Happiness and Success S3/E2

A promotional graphic for "The Joy Factory" featuring a black and white Polaroid photo of a smiling man attached with a binder clip, with the text "Stephen Todd" underneath, all on a background with the text "Finding Happiness and Success" at the bottom.
The Joy Factory
Finding Happiness and Success S3/E2

We’re chatting about Stephen’s quest for personal fulfilment and happiness. His inspiring story starts many years ago when he took a huge leap of faith by leaving behind his family and hometown and establishing a career to pursue personal happiness that had eluded him and professional recognition. We explore:

  • How a job rejection career pushed him to make a daring move.
  • A deep desire for personal freedom and happiness drove him away from a restrictive environment.
  • The real and perceived challenges of transitioning his career from the public sector to the private sector.

Most importantly, it shows how that bold decision opened up a world of freedom from secrets and fulfilment, with some hindsight and wisdom on conquering our comfort zone fears and what building resilience means.

Get ready for an uplifting conversation!

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