Finding Our Flow – S2/E3

The Joy Factory
The Joy Factory
Finding Our Flow - S2/E3

Available Now – Finding Our Flow

We are thrilled to have Dr Clare Mulligan-Foster join us again! As a chartered psychologist, Clare is incredibly passionate about using psychology and neuroscience to help people and organisations reach their goals.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about Finding our Flow and how we can craft and enjoy our personal and professional growth journeys, including key topics.

  • What flow means,
  • Finding the ideal amount of stimulation/stress.
  • Creating a positive environment that stimulates growth without leading to cognitive overload or, worse, burnout.

Clare provides easy-to-apply techniques that make an incredible difference in helping us identify our IKIGUY (the reason for being) and other easy-to-apply techniques for understanding ourselves better. Her expertise in breaking down complex theories into actionable advice is really remarkable!

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