Building a Community from Scratch S2/E5

The Joy Factory
The Joy Factory
Building a Community from Scratch S2/E5

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For this week’s episode of The Joy Factory Podcast, we are joined by Lee Turner, the founder and publisher of Hr NETWORK Magazine. HR Network is the go-to community for HR professionals, providing a unique combination of news, awards, conferences, and other events to inspire people’s development.

Through its magazine, National Awards and regular Conferences and Exhibitions, HR Network has become an environment where people can explore their personal and professional achievements. As its founder, Lee Turner’s vision and values are focused on building momentum for a community that strives to do meaningful work and create an atmosphere where people come together to make a difference.
Everything Lee does comes from the heart and his family-orientated values. In this episode, we’re going to be chatting about

· How bereavement and strong bond with his siblings and Mum shaped his character and approach to life.
· Lee’s vision, the early days of building resilience throughout the journey and the values contributing to building momentum.

Lee’s down-to-earth, open and honest reflections shine through in this episode – it was a privilege to chat with Lee.


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