Persona  Scan™ Toolkit

Change the way you engage with your workforce. For more information about how to pre-order your self-enabling toolkit contact us. 

Understanding if your company has a climate which is counter-productive to diversity and inclusion is one of the greatest challenges for businesses today.

Yes you can try to diversify by hitting targets, but inclusivity will never happen unless people feel listened to and valued.

Creating real change must come from behaviours, not just initiatives. Unfortunately many organisations still focus too much on policy and processes, which is not the full story.

Our Company Persona Scanning explores workplace behaviours and the extent to which workers experience positive, neutral or negative behaviours. Our approach ensures a meaningful experience, 100% anonymity, 100% participation and generates insights typically difficult to access, explore and action.

We analyse the results and provide detailed insights about the type of behaviours which are prevalent in the workplace. These behavioural readings allows companies determine how close they are to their desired ethos and provides critical information which can be used to improve communication styles, employer branding efforts and adds richness to leading indicators of performance .

By tapping into our expertise, you can not only acquire essential techniques, you can also discover powerful ways to involve stakeholders in practices geared to achieving effective outcomes faster. For more information about how we can support you contact us today.

This exercise helped me share my workplace experiences, some of which I would have struggled to articulate. It was straightforward and gave me a powerful emotional release. Above all, the exercise’s design reassured me that my feedback was anonymous; therefore, it removed my fear of being entirely candid.

Group Participant, London, February 2020

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