At whatever point we are, we need to be clear about what’s propelling us forward and what is holding us back. It’s true of many things in life.

Perhaps we understand this the most when it comes to taking care of our health. Through lifestyle choices, holistic and medical help, there are various ways to look after ourselves. When it comes to our working lives, it’s harder. We typically work as part of a collective or community where there are group dynamics to consider.

One of the most significant barriers we’ve seen is the failure to understand the difference between knowledge and experience versus wisdom. On a personal level, it can be hard to unlearn and evolve our thinking and beliefs. Never mind when you’re working as part of a group and business in our dramatically changing World of Work.

At Be Future Ready Today, we believe that you need to know where you are and evaluate options based on reality and good judgment before you can move forward in any meaningful way.

Of course, the first step is to acknowledge that this makes logical sense. The next step involves undertaking a thorough diagnosis. It is vital to uncover where you are, in relation to where you want to be, by invigorating thinking and accelerating learning.

Performance Goals

Context, aspirations, buy-in

Current State

Evaluate, map reality

Actual State

Acknowledge risks, opportunities

Desired State

Expert opinion, priorities, pace

Treatment Parameters

Symptoms, causes, remedies

Treatment Type

Select interventions

Bespoke Treatment

Commitment, investment, resources


Performance pulse, the triple bottom line

Current State

Evaluate, map reality

Sounds simple enough, but how do you ensure that you are conducting a meaningful review or diagnostic? How many times have you heard stories of family, friends, and acquaintances going for a medical investigation, like a Cat Scan? Does it reveal an unknown condition or, worse, a situation that may be life-limiting?

The same is true in business. It doesn’t matter how many strategic planning sessions you have or how powerful your technology is. Unless there is intellectual humility to question the lessons of experience, there is no openness to refreshed thinking and the ever-present danger of continuing with unchallenged assumptions.

We believe that effectively diagnosing the current state is critical to positioning any organisation to deliver exceptional results with integrity.

It is why we focus on designing toolkits that not only simplify our World of Work but reveal blind spots, sense danger, and help leaders build resolutions based on clarity, not false confidence. Applying our toolkits allows leaders and practitioners, select what treatments, specialist help, and solutions will deliver the outcomes their business and workforce need the most.

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