Your World of Work Glossary FREE

Our World of Work is a dynamic environment with many facets requiring regular consideration and continuous improvement.

Based on our extensive experience, we have created a glossary that summarises the essential World of Work factors that leaders and practitioners must consider.

Taken from various sources and real-life experiences; we have carefully synthesised useful information relevant to building a progressive and well informed operating system.

We are making this available for you as a free resource for your personal, organisational effectiveness toolkit.

If you wish to download this FREE World of Work Glossary please provide your email address and you will receive a link to download it.




I have collaborated with Susan in workshops and attended workshops she has led. Her understanding of strategic workforce planning and implementation is excellent and her experience makes this understanding very valuable. As workforce planning becomes increasingly important as the size of the workforce starts to fall dramatically in most countries as a result of changes in workforce demographics, Susan’s expertise will be increasingly valuable to many organisations. And she has a great personality, so is a pleasure to work with!

Nicholas Coutts

Advisor to the co-founders , Plumis Ltd.

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