Transform your business edge with our pioneering masterclass designed to reboot your approach to work and organisational design

Join us on this masterclass and learn how to lead with confidence and develop work operating systems that support the rapidly changing dynamics of organisation design.

This masterclass is for those who recognise that simply recruiting for jobs is over. It is for those who are searching for a new roadmap and methods that allows them to create new realities and radically rethink how work is deconstructed and reconstructed while making it easier for others to understand and follow.

Join us and discover how to develop a nimble and up-to-date work operating system that boosts personal and business effectiveness.

Gain a competitive edge and avoid staying stuck in the past by assimilating

  • Insights into practical examples of pioneering organisations
  • How to connect work design to superior outcomes
  • The starting point for designing new work operating systems
  • How to navigate the intricacies of skill and aptitude supply dynamics
  • Design insights for building effective workforce ecosystems
  • How to create a value-based approach that enhances confidence and performance
  • Highly effective tools and practices for implementation

The richness of this unique masterclass is a combination of the pioneering logic of outliers, practical coaching experience and practices used by high-performing organisations.


While our courses are primarily online, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique.

That’s why we also offer in-person options to cater to your specific requirements.

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs with pricing options, whether it is at your location or a suitable off-site location.

Enrolment for this 2 day course is £1,975 per delegate.

Both days are from 9.30 – 17.00 (GMT) 

Who Should Attend

Whether you are a business or HR leader, organisational effectiveness or learning and development specialist or HRBP, this masterclass is essential for those who believe developing a nimble and up-to-date work operating system is critical to ensuring a company’s resilience and relevance.

Masterclass Learning Framework

Masterclass Agenda

Participants will explore actionable concepts through leading insights, case study examples and multimedia learning modules. The interactive masterclass allows participants to expand their thinking and approach to delivering strategic value to their businesses.


Module Topics Key Takeaways
  • Market dynamics the human factor, automation and AI
  • Moving from traditional work operating systems to the new
  • The role of government, educators and industry
  • Understand the multiple perspectives companies must be aware of due to the increasing interconnectivity of global markets, the need for flexibility, adaptability to changing conditions, the importance of human design and overcoming practice blind
  • Understand how institutions are tackling future relevance and the role industry must play
  • Gain valuable insights for the reimagined work system challenging. outdates assumptions that allow companies to become more agile, relevant and inclusive
  • Real-world cases of organisations leading the way
  • Examples of those embracing the new work operating system
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Leadership mindset
  • Shift in the role requirements for HR, organisational, design, development, effectiveness and leadership capabilities 
  • Why reconfiguring work arrangements will significantly transform the traditional workplace model
  • Improve understanding of the 4 principles for the new work operating system
  • Learn how work culture impacts moving beyond traditional employment models
  • Acquire access to a bank of resources that help empower custom design
  • Laying the foundation to align and accelerate value
  • Linking work design to strategic priorities
  • Utilising work ecosystems
  • Scoping the discovery stage
  • Work design starting point
  • How to consider capabilities, competencies, work logic, flow & distribution
  • Check list for getting started


  • Learn how to enable your discovery phase for alignment to strategy
  • Learn about the goals & limits of deconstruction
  • Discover the importance of differentiation and workforce segmentation
  • Understanding the concept of competence and a maturity model for competence management
  • Learn how to map out your approach to designing work activities
  • Understand what it means to create a human-centric organisation while taking advantage of automation, technology and AI
  • Whole system design and alignment to the triple bottom line
  • Identifying company culture types
  • Internal capability requirement
  • Creating evidenced-based alignment
  • From employment, jobs and jobholders towards platforms
  • Seeing the whole person
  • Consider the social policies


  • Learn what culture considerations are important
  • Understand the maturity levels of competency foresight  
  • Discover a compass for organisational design
  • Learn about stackable credentials
  • Social and policy considerations when deconstructing work and building work ecosystems



  • Leadership and team involvement
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing effectiveness
  • Learn how to engage the business and create the foundation for a new work operating system
  • Gain clarity on roles and responsibilities to enhance internal engagement
  • Gain guidance on how to use KPIs to build accountability
  • Defining meaningful analytics
  • Measuring ROI
  • Data driven decision making
  • Learn how to build best-in-class analytics for a new work operating system
  • Gain access to a Value-Based Framework that integrates a comprehensive view of ROI
  • Understand how to link the right data insights to improve investment decisions

Due to the nature of the topics and their relationship to market dynamics, our instructional design team regularly enriches how we shape and deliver the themes covered in this masterclass.

Your Choices


We know solving complex issues requires serious effort; however, using the Lego® Serious Play Method ®, we help teams unlock the power of work-play, improve engagement, and ignite better outcomes.



We elevate and ease your learning journey by combining leading practices, videos, thinking tools and quizzes that help simplify complexity and increase your personal power and business confidence. 



We lead development programmes for leaders and HR professionals focused on accelerating business results through strategic human capital practices that fuel high-performing outcomes.



We identify market gaps and formulate masterclasses which help leaders
and practitioners elevate their performance, enrich engagement, and increase their confidence to lead. 



We combine pioneering and leading practices, the science of simplification, human design, value communication and craft tools that help us gain control, making our work lives easier, more fulfilling and empowering confidence. 



We work with individuals and teams on their unique challenges and opportunities, accelerating and improving how to generate value and confidence for themselves and others.


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