Your Career Happiness Roadmap

We spend so much time at work, so one of the keys to happiness is doing what you love and fills you with joy. Crafting our way forward isn’t always straightforward and can be time-consuming. Find out how to create clarity for yourself, gain more control and ask yourself the right questions by using Your Career Happiness Roadmap with a chance to take your ‘Fight or Flight’ Quiz.

Our approach reflects years of experience and is science-led and practical. The design of Your Career Happiness allows you to dip in and out at your own pace so you can consider your direction and refresh your thinking when it suits you.

It’s easy and packed full of valuable insights, videos, tips, and thinking tools.


Thinking Tools to develop your Career Happiness

Being clear about our values is key to helping us figure out what’s essential and carving out a meaningful and rewarding path. It may sound simple, but sometimes figuring out where to start and knowing what questions to ask ourselves can be barriers. That’s why we have created videos and thinking tools that help you get started and focus on where you are and where you steer your personal journey.

Taking the time and working with these tools will ground your thinking and keep you true to the essence of gaining a happy life-work balance.

The content is based on 25 years of lived strategic leadership and combines thousands of hours of reading many of the vital thought leadership books you can read in a lifetime – all simplified and presented concisely.

Eight Chapters on your Roadmap

All our Chapters guide you along your personal road to happiness. Each chapter comprises a short video with thinking tools which you can work through at your own pace, creating a deeper understanding of the crucial touchpoints that make up a fulfilling and rewarding career.

There is also a bonus opportunity to take a short quiz about where you currently find yourself. Our “Fight or Flight Quiz will help you answer important questions about how fulfilled you are and whether you are setting yourself up for success.

A wealth of great content – simplifying the how and clarifying your thinking

Chapter 1 – Purpose

Video Duration:  2:15min

  • Finding our purpose
  • Gain clarity
  • Ask good questions
  • Control how we react

Thinking Tools:

  • Understanding my values
  • My life/work priorities
  • My top five values

Chapter 2 – Choices

Video Duration:  2:19min

  • Conscious decisions
  • Retain your power
  • Examine direction
  • Explore eight key themes

Thinking Tools:

  • Your choices

Chapter 3 – Support Network

Video Duration:  2:55min

  • Clarify your approach
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Authenticity and trust
  • Wise and expert counsel
  • Power and pearls of feedback

Thinking Tools:

  • Support network
  • Organising meaningful connections
  • Tips for gathering good feedback

Chapter 4 – Momentum

Video Duration:  1:55min

  • Keeping on track
  • Reflect on what’s important
  • Self-assurance and rebalancing
  • Importance of resting and recharging
  • Exploring options

Thinking Tools:

  • Tips for creating momentum
  • Selecting workable options

Chapter 5 – Bottlenecks

Video Duration:  1:51min

  • Steering through bottlenecks
  • Research insights
  • Adaptive coping strategies
  • Understanding common symptoms

Thinking Tools:

  • Bottlenecks

Chapter 6 – Personal Growth

Video Duration:  2:37min

  • Expanding learning and self-awareness
  • Important workplace themes
  • Gaining a sense of fulfillment
  • Personal accountability

Thinking Tools:

  • Career planning essentials
  • Understanding my growth

Chapter 7 – Check ups

Video Duration:  1:47min

  • Key questions to consider
  • Candid reflections
  • Re-occurring themes
  • Reinforce clarity

Thinking Tools:

  • Understanding my progress

Chapter 8 – Achievements

Video Duration:  1:47min

  • Having an active voice
  • Activating opportunities
  • Clarity on your advocacy needs
  • Consider eight essential topics

Thinking Tools:

  • Achievement topics

Moving Forward

Video Duration:  1:52min

  • Commitment to career happiness
  • The wisdom of many
  • Valuable perspectives and tips
  • Practising self-care
  • Live out your dreams


  • Your Fight or Flight Quiz

Includes the “Fight or Flight” quiz

Undoubtedly, navigating our work life isn’t always easy, but your dreams and ambitions are your responsibility.

No one ever comes to save us!

How do we know then if we are asking ourselves the right questions? Do we have the right tools to help us figure things out quickly and practically?

Take this short quiz to help you gain some much-needed clarity!

With all the recent upheaval and pressures of the last 18 months, I can’t wait to see what Susan and her team create. I was so impressed by Your First 90 Day Roadmap that I will be one of the first in the queue. I can’t wait!


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