Market Analysis

The vision for what we do at Be Future Ready Today came from a desire to create ways in which leaders and teams could find it easier to gain more control today and feel confident about the future.

Having spent years leading and coaching others to develop buoyancy and deliver growth, we know that operating within our World of Work is fraught with challenges. Complexity is increasing, as is the personal stress and strain we all feel trying to deliver exceptional results. We’ve seen far too many times that making meaningful change falters, fails and causes deep frustration. 

The cost of failure is far too great.

Materially to the organisation’s integrity and performance.  Also, emotionally to all those who invest so much of themselves and, by association, their family lives.

With so much complexity, how then could we make a difference that stands the test of time? Our starting point focused on empowering others to feel comfortable and confident about creating truly healthy businesses. We know that even when experts help with problem-solving, there is still a profound absence of empowering ‘the how’. Making things stick and shifting performance to a different level. So we had our hypothesis.

Despite experiencing this first-hand we carried out a sector-wide analysis. We scanned the market, looking at the types of support available for creating and building organisational health. The results confirmed our hypothesis. No other organisation has a fully integrated approach to empowering internal competence — the how-to for building and sustaining organisational health is missing.

The word cloud was generated by analysing the language used by organisations, large, medium and small. The cloud automatically enlarges each word the number of occasions companies use them in their vocabulary to promote services—the critical description of how is absent.

Despite all the difficulties in our World of Work, we firmly believe that there is an opportunity to help people feel energised and not overwhelmed. And an even more incredible opportunity to build on their expertise whilst revealing ways to refresh thinking and let go of assumptions in ways that don’t feel threatening. By carefully managing the discomfort of doubt, we can invigorate and build internal wisdom.

We have carefully brought together many high-value practices that allow others to gain more control today and feel confident about the future —all with the intent of producing exceptional results with integrity.

For us, it stands the test of reason – if our workplaces are healthy, then the lives of those they touch are benefited significantly.

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