Lego® Serious Play

Make hard work fun!

We believe that solving business issues, discovering our personal development goals and finding a common purpose for ourselves, whilst serious should be fun and rewarding. That’s why we use Lego Serious Play. There are number of well researched and proven reasons why LSP is so powerful. For example;

  • LSP ensures faster and better communication using 3D
  • Produces more concrete ideas and results
  • Active participation by all so every voice is heard
  • The bricks serve as a common language for everyone
  • Meetings stay on focused and on topic avoiding personal and team conflicts
  • Unlocks new and exsisting knowledge

Lego® Serious Play Method ® | Certified in Facilitating and Designing Workshops with the Lego® Serious Play Method ®


Types of Collaboration Sessions

  • Understanding Work Activity
  • Goal Setting & Alignment
  • Identifying Skills, Attributes & Knowledge
  • Empowering Inclusion
  • Engaging the Workforce
  • Value & Contribution Messaging
  • Exploring Implementation



Our group found the workshop very valuable. One in particular was able to uncover a pattern of behaviour that had been holding them back for achieving their goals , but something they were not consciously aware of beforehand. Another member of our group had a big realisation with regards to focusing on smaller goals that will help achieve future aspirations, instead of focusing on the very large goal.

As a group we left the workshop feeling, inspired and positive about the next steps we would want to take towards creating our futures.

Claire Baker

Launch Lab Mentor, Every One Every Day

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