Future Fit Assessment for HES


I’m Susan De Fazio, Founder of Be Future Ready Today; we are looking forward to working with Lindsey and the team at Historic Environment Scotland (HES) on the ‘how to’ for implementing Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP).

Our first face-to-face session is fast approaching, and as part of the preparations, we are giving participants access to our Future Fit Assessment

There is no doubt that today’s leaders face complex and many challenges. We fully appreciate that HES has yet to determine which aspects of SWP will add value and practical implementation timescales.

Because we all know it’s all about ‘the how,’ this assessment focuses on the current state. The assessment has seven sections with six questions in each. We ask you to consider your responses to each question using the rating scale provided; however, we recommend that your answers be individual and intuitive.

Once all assessments are submitted, we will carefully analyse your responses, and the insights will help us tailor our forthcoming SWP Orientation and Future of Work Sessions.

Your candid reflections will help HES create valuable outcomes whilst ensuring the business can navigate risk, opportunity and create a lasting legacy.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and exploring the fascinating subject of SWP.

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