The Joy Factory™ Podcast

We know that our brain and bodies respond positively to the feeling of happiness and laughter with research showing that the act or feeling of joy is an element of great places to work

Some episode titles:

  • The pursuit of Happiness at work
  • Bringing Humour to Work
  • The joy of lifting others.

Insights Blog

Your essential guide to dealing with the complexities relating to the Future of Work and how these impact achieving meaningful outcomes. 

Some topics we have covered:

  • Your first 90 days in a New Job
  • Searching for Happiness at work
  • The Roadmap to Healthy Outcomes
  • Surviving workplace trama
  • The Secret to better decision making


Welcome to our Events page. Here you can select the events you would like to attend and pay via credit card to ensure your booking.

Some events we have hosted recently:

  • HCI SWP Virtual Course
  • The Path to Inclusion
  • Delivering Simplification
  • Gaining control of our World of Work
The twists and turns of the road ahead
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