Date(s) - 20/10/2020

Our first session in the series will focus on some of the brain science surrounding simplification and how we can deal with the overload that plagues us all.
We are delighted to welcome our guest, Neil Cumming, who is a cognitive load expert. With over two decades of experience applying his understanding of how the brain processes information to all types of design. Emerging from his time at Warwick University, he has worked with Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Halliburton, BT and many others to produce information that does not overload or create misunderstandings. His commitment to making work simpler, whilst not “dumbing it down” is absolute.
Susan and Neil will discuss how they ground their thinking and why it is the beating heart of good design. Our conversation will explore;
• The human ingredient
• Why we often struggle?
• How we apply simplification to our World of Work

Key takeaways;
• How our brain processes information
• What simplification is and isn’t
• 4 key principles of simplification.

Those who attend will receive a one page summary of the key messages together with audience polling results.

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