Our Story

After years of working with, and in, excellent and dysfunctional businesses, we became thoroughly tired of seeing an overwhelming number of people toil and stress. We have seen first-hand the disconnect between how companies described their ethos and the unhealthy reality of workplace experiences.

Sometimes it is down to using ineffective practices or oversight in measuring the factors that matter the most. Or at times, it may be down to confusing experience with expertise, vaper-ware or poor behaviours.

At best, this is unintentional or attributable to underdeveloped capabilities. At worst, narcissistic behaviours serve to bolster egos and advance agendas no matter the human cost.

These situations often go unchecked because they seemingly cannot be isolated, are unrecognised, or leaders may choose to turn a blind eye. The consequences are that poor performance, and even toxicity prevail. Meaning that businesses suffer, and the negative effect on peoples health and their confidence can be shocking.

Conditions must positively change….and that change ignites our purpose.

We thought long and hard about where to start and how. As we talked to others and reflected, it has become clear how we can make a difference and fill a void within the marketplace.

We are holding ourselves accountable for making a positive difference.

As organisational health specialists, we are designing toolkits that simplify our World of Work. We know that the way to build awareness and the strength to deal with the most debilitating challenges is by empowering ‘the how’.

Our toolkits are not only self-enabling; the engineered design integrity synthesises the leading practices that allow companies to diagnose where they are and reveal the real issues. Not false, manufactured or manipulated urgency.

Our stated intent is not to use these toolkits as a ‘trojan horse’ to create consulting projects for ourselves or any unhealthy dependency. We believe that to grow and become stronger, it is within the grasp of internal teams.

Companies may need some expertise to get themselves there; however, diagnosing the current state’s reality and making it absolutely crystal clear is vital. Yet, it is often crucially not effective enough or overlooked. If you fail at this first step, then everything that follows has the potential to be deeply flawed. Our toolkits pave the way towards having clarity, meaningful connection, cohesion and peace of mind.

Our ethos is an absolute passion for creating safer and healthier workplaces and energising businesses to produce exceptional results where people can thrive. 

We welcome the opportunity of working with leaders and practitioners who have a shared commitment to creating the change we all need to be and see.


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